Project Description

The mission of Denver Botanic Gardens is to connect people with plants, especially plants from the Rocky Mountain region and similar regions around the world, providing delight and enlightenment to everyone. There are 50 gardens for visitors to explore, as well as special events and programming throughout the year, offering a unique way to connect with plants through entertainment and education.

The Denver Botanic Gardens installed a Bison Rooftop Deck System to create access to their green roof display. The green roof was the first publicly accessible garden of its kind in Denver to utilize Bison Ipê Wood Tiles and adjustable Level.It Pedestals. The green roof features over 100 species of native and drought tolerant plants! The unique installation required intricate wood tile cuts around the curved green roof perimeter. To view videos of the installation, please click here.

Architect: Civitas

Completion Date: 2008