Project Description

Bison 2x4 Ipê 8-Plank Ribbed Wood Tiles are prominently featured on the DaVita World Headquarters rooftop deck. Supported by Bison Adjustable Pedestals, transitions between surface materials were accomplished with ease! The facility “was designed around a ‘community first, company second’ theme that dominates the design of the building and places people at the top of its corporate priorities.

Having easy access to fresh air is extremely important to DaVita, both for its patients and its workers, whom DaVita calls ‘teammates.’ Therefore, the building has three separate outdoor terraces. “The largest terrace is located on the 14th floor and stretches 6,000 square feet, offering trees, outdoor dining, comfortable lounge seating surrounding a fire pit, and spaces for employees to plant herbs for the kitchen and other foliage—as well as having a view of the two largest peaks along the Front Range—Pikes Peak and Long’s Peak.” Mark Shaw, ENR Record.

Photographer: Brett Drury Architectural Photography, Inc.

Completion Date: 2012