Project Description

“Pavement to Parks” seeks to create new public spaces in San Francisco, California by reclaiming excess roadway, especially through the use of simple and low-cost design interventions. Pavement to Parks projects include small pocket parks, plazas, parklets, and pop-up parks. The narrow sidewalks along Divisadero Street provide little room for all the amenities that make urban spaces exciting and enjoyable places to be, so two parking spaces were repurposed to provide additional space for a pop-up park. By building a Bison Pop-Up Park utilizing Bison Ipê Ribbed Wood Tiles and Bison Versadjust Pedestals, this parklet extends the sidewalk into the parking lane at a fraction of the cost of widening the sidewalk. Complete with café seating, benches, bike parking, and landscaping, this Pavement to Parks project will be enjoyed by citizens and visitors to Divisadero Street for years to come!

Completion Date: 2010

Architect: RG-Architecture