Project Description

After Hurricane Ike ravaged the beach community of Galveston, Texas in 2008, the city’s infrastructure was in desperate need of attention. Over 80% of the tiny island’s houses were damaged along with most critical care facilities in this beach front community. Architects, tasked with rebuilding the city’s essential services including waste-water management, hospitals, and fire stations, chose products that would endure future storms. The city had to replace a crucial fire station that services the Galveston international airport as well as the surrounding gulf community. The station’s vulnerable location, just four blocks from the gulf, meant that the architects had to meet stringent local wind and fire codes.

Long lasting Bison Ipê Wood Tiles, with a Class A fire-rating, were used on the balcony deck floor, providing an ideal place for firefighters to relax at the station when not on duty. Corrosion-resistant, adjustable Bison Versadjust Deck Supports ensure that the chlorides found in the saltwater environment will not affect the performance of the Bison Deck System. The firehouse’s modern deck compliments Galveston’s resort style architecture. Bison wood deck tiles, made with remnants from South American hardwoods, are constructed from the same materials as many oceanside boardwalks that have lasted for decades! When used in conjunction with the Bison Fastening System, Bison Rooftop Deck Systems can meet local wind uplift codes, adding to the resilience of this seaside structure.