Bison Leads the Industry in Rooftop Deck Systems

Bison leads the industry in providing customers with tested, innovative solutions for raised decks, including rooftop decks, plazas, terraces, pop-up-parks© and other architectural features requiring maintenance-free pedestals and low-maintenance deck surfaces.

Made & Stocked in the US

Bison manufactures and warehouses large quantities of products in Denver, CO.

Maintenance-Free Pedestals

In 1994, Bison introduced the Screwjack pedestal to the US market. Now manufactured in Denver, Colorado, Bison pedestals have patented features that improve performance and stability. Our gravity-based pedestals quickly install without harming waterproof membranes. Bison pedestals offer the largest bearing surface area for improved support of wood tiles, stone tiles and concrete pavers.


Low-Maintenance Hardwood Decks

In 2004 Bison introduced structural wood tiles made of Brazilian Ipê and Cumaru. The dense grain makes these hardwoods nearly impervious to insect and weather damage, providing a long-term, low-maintenance solution. The system is highly rated for fire, seismic and wind conditions.


Low-Maintenance Hardwood Decks

In 2009 Bison became FSC®-certified and now sources FSC® wood tiles. Bison executives travel to Brazil to ensure Ipê and Massaranduba hardwood used comes from forests implementing sustainable and FSC®-certified forestry practices that maintain the health of the rainforests and economic viability of local communities.


Customer Service

Bison continues to serve customers with the best and most trusted products in the industry. We take pride in delivering superior customer service through every stage of the selection, purchase and installation process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.