Construction & Installation Videos

Take a look at the ease of installing Bison systems.

Learn how to install a deck with Bison products. Deck installation handling and maintenance guides are available for download here. These videos will guide you through the process of preparing the site how to install a deck using Bison systems, including the the instruction of cutting and installing perimeter wood deck tiles and concrete pavers.

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Bison Wood Deck Tiles & Hardwood Pavers

Idea Gallery

Deck Planning

You can use Bison Wood Deck Tiles and Adjustable Deck supports to create and attractive space on rooftops, balconies and more.


Bison Pedestals can be cut to fit snugly into deck corners during installation.

Wood Tile and Paver Cutting

Learn how to cut Bison Wood Deck Tiles and Concrete Pavers. This video demonstrates special cutting methods needed to install wood tiles flush against a curved wall.

Base Leveler

Special Considerations

This video shows how to cut around conduit, how to use Bison Adjustable Deck supports in unique applications, pre-drilling holes in Bison Wood Deck tiles and more.

Stone Tiles and Bison Pedestals