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In most areas, Bison products are sold through knowledgeable Distributors who can provide products and support in your specific area.

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V1-18 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V1-316 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V2-18 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V2-316 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V3-18 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V3-316 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V4-18 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V4-316 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

VC2 Versadjust Quick Clip Coupler

BB-S Bison Short Brace Kit

BB-L Bison Long Brace Kit

BB-C Versadjust Brace Collar

LC-316 Level.It


C1 Level.It Gray Coupler

C4 Black Coupler

B1 ScrewJack Pedestal

B2 ScrewJack Pedestal

B3 ScrewJack Pedestal

B4 ScrewJack Pedestal

HD25-316 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD25-18 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD50-316 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD50-18 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD75-316 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD75-18 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

B11  1/16” Flexible Shim

PS1 1/8” Flexible Shim

LD4 Base Leveler

FFB Floating Foundation Base

FIB  Floating Insulation Base

CS-SM Cube Swatches

Ipe Sample-Smooth

Ipe Sample-Ribbed 

FSC Ipe Sample-Smooth

FSC Massaranduba Sample Ribbed

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