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Easy-to-read, color-coded layouts with accurate deck pedestal locations. With some careful planning, your deck tiles and deck supports can be configured to ensure the most efficient design optimizing time and materials. Bison offers CAD details ready for download in DWG, Revit and PDF formats.

To Request a Take-off:

Please complete the following check list along with submitting architectural plans and deck elevations to us. Ass soon as we receive all these items, we can begin your product estimate. There is no charge for the first take-off but there may be a charge for multiple revision and changes. Allow 7-10 days for this service

Please download the Take-off Request Check List and complete the web form below.

Take Off Request Check List

  • ___ Project Name
  • ___ Project Location/Address
  • ___ Projected start date
  • ___ Architectural plan view or drawing of roof deck to scale:
  • ___ Show locations of thresholds, drains, scuppers & other penetrations
  • ___ Provide perimeter dimensions & form of containment
  • ___ Direction of roof slope with all ridge lines (high points) and valleys

Section Views

  • ___ What is the cavity height (top of waterproofing plus insulation to bottom of surface material)?
  • ___ Describe surface material. For example, 2’ x 2’ Bison Wood Tile, 2’ x 2’ Concrete Paver, etc.
  • ___ What is the thickness of the of the surface material?

  • ___ Contractor and phone number
  • ___ Architect and phone number
  • Special considerations:
  • ___ If deck is on grade (ground), show cavity height at door threshold and corners of deck.
  • ___ If installing joist and plank, a framing plan is required.
Please provide the following information if possible:

  • Building Type:
  • Insulation and Manufacturer
  • Waterproofing Material and Manufacturer
  • Roofing Material and Manufacturer

Quick Quotes

  • Bison Quick Quotes are designed to give a rough cost estimate for your project. It is not intended to calculate the deck supports or deck tiles required for ordering purposes.
  • As you move closer to installing your project, obtain actual ‘as-built’ measurements from the job site and are ready to place an order, we can fine tune the estimate to reflect the actual parts needed for ordering.

Layout Quotes

  • Great solution when project information is limited
  • Provides an accurate paver, deck support count
  • Please allow 3-5 business days

CAD Deck Design

  • Provides a detailed account of what products are needed and where they go on the deck
  • Drawings are delivered when products are purchased
  • Please allow 7-10 business days

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Requested Product Samples

V1-18 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V1-316 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V2-18 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V2-316 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V3-18 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V3-316 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V4-18 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

V4-316 Versadjust Deck Pedestal

VC2 Versadjust Quick Clip Coupler

BB-S Bison Short Brace Kit

BB-L Bison Long Brace Kit

BB-C Versadjust Brace Collar

LC-316 Level.It


C1 Level.It Gray Coupler

C4 Black Coupler

B1 ScrewJack Pedestal

B2 ScrewJack Pedestal

B3 ScrewJack Pedestal

B4 ScrewJack Pedestal

HD25-316 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD25-18 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD50-316 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD50-18 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD75-316 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

HD75-18 Fixed Height Stackable Pedestals

B11  1/16” Flexible Shim

PS1 1/8” Flexible Shim

LD4 Base Leveler

FFB Floating Foundation Base

FIB  Floating Insulation Base

CS-SM Cube Swatches

Ipe Sample-Smooth

Ipe Sample-Ribbed 

FSC Ipe Sample-Smooth

FSC Massaranduba Sample Ribbed

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