Bison Pop-Up Parklets

Modular parklets can be constructed in parking spaces to create public space in urban areas

Bison Innovative Products is an integral player in the push to reclaim car-designated zones in urban areas for pedestrian use. Bison products were among the first to debut in San Francisco and New York in programs like “Pavement to Parks” or parklets. These streetscapes can vary in size from a one-car parking space of about 150 sf to many spaces linked together, to a whole block or lane.

Installations include Bison Versadjust deck supports with wood tiles, ceramic, or concrete tile surfaces covering the existing pavement or parking space. Popular Bison accessories include attachment hardware, Bison aluminum planters, railing, and benches. Bison has the unique advantage of offering all the built elements required for a park installation. This creates a smooth installation as well as offering a consistent warranty for the entire system. Bison Innovative Products is currently the only company in North America to offer the full Pop-Up Parklet system.

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