Bison Adjustable Deck Supports

Adjustable Bison Deck Supports elevates a variety of decking surface materials over rooftops, plazas, concrete patios, on-grade, in water features anywhere you want to build a deck. Our patented, screw-to-adjust pedestal assures precisely level and smooth decking surfaces so you can install stunning and sturdy decks over flat roofs, unsightly cracked concrete patios, parking spaces, etc.

The Versadjust, adjustable V-Series line reaches heights from 2 ¼ inches to 24 inches, has a 1250 pound weight bearing capacity and contains built-in slope compensation from 0 – ½ inch per foot slope. Joist Top is a Versadjust accessory that can convert Bison Pedestals into traditional joist and plank decking supports. Low Height pedestals can be used when low clearance is needed.

Level.It deck supports are suitable for any project type from commercial to residential. One simple Level.It model LC covers heights from 2″ – 4 ¾”. Additional accessories are available to compensate for slope and accommodate heights from 1/8″ up to 12″! Model LC supports up to 750 lbs. Ideal for contractors or the do-it-yourself homeowner.

Bison ScrewJack pedestals are designed to support heavy pavers over any waterproofed structural surface. The Bison Screwjack pedestal (B-Series) reaches from 0″ – 16″ in height. Add couplers to reach up to 24″ in height and the Weight Bearing Design Capacity is 1000 lbs/pedestal FS:2.

Need Bison Pedestal specification and details? Download specifications here.