Bison NYC Pop Up Park

Amanda Burden, New York’s City Planning Director has been a proponent of outdoor spaces and urban design her entire career. She helped develop neglected waterfronts, plazas and otherwise derelict urban spaces and transform them into usable parks and spaces where people love congregating.

In this TED Conference Talk, Burden features Bison’s Pop-Up Parklet installed in the financial district near Pearl and Broad in New York City (around minute 13:53). The temporary mini-park was designed to be a simple, cost effective deck system that could be easily assembled over the uneven street below, creating instant ambiance, extra space and liveliness for the surrounding businesses and patrons.

In Burden’s presentation, she advocates for public spaces to be creative and meaningful developments where people want to spend time. Bison’s all-inclusive deck system provides everything needed to build the decks in what was once four parking spots. Creatively landscaped, railings extend from Bison planters to create a border defining the space. Hardware, deck supports and durable Bison Wood Tiles complete the system. Everything is modular and can be disassembled, moved and stored if needed.

While cities’ populations keep expanding, areas to develop public spaces do not. Innovative solutions like Pop-Up Parklets are needed to convert unusable space into usable space and create cities in which people love to live. For more information about Bison Parklet’s please download our Pop-up Parklet guide or Contact Us.

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